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Pastor Nick & Frannie Scaglione

Nick and Frannie Scaglione met in 1981 at Tampa’s Jefferson High School where they became high school sweethearts. The following year, at age 17, Nick received salvation at First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens while under the direction of Pastor John A. Stephens, (Frannie’s father).

Over the following two years, their friendship grew into strong bonds of love and they celebrated this love on March 3, 1984 when they were married. After 24 years of marriage they are now the proud parents of four beautiful children; Athena, Asha, Ariel and Nick IV. The family was blessed with the addition of a Son-in-Law, Joseph and two Grandsons, Santino and Angelo.

During the first 14yrs of their marriage, Frannie’s faith and commitment to GOD would be tested by Nick’s indulgence to his generational curses and his worldly existence. Through a lot of prayer, patience and the grace of God, her prays were answered.

Early one Saturday morning after a two day gambling binge, Nick walked out of the gambling hall and on his way to his car, heard the audible voice of God. He looked up and saw the face of Pastor Fletcher Lawson in the trees. This man was a faithful and committed deacon and besides Rev. Stephens, he was the only true friend in the church where Nick received salvation. He knew it was time to seek change!

After a meeting with Pastor Lawson that week, Nick and Frannie joined St. Mary’s Missionary Baptist Church and resided there for three years (1995-1998). It was there that Nick realized his true love and passion to see GOD’s people walk… not in religious self-righteousness… but in Victory!

As Nick’s personal relationship with God strengthened and he pursued the things of God, he began to feed under the TV ministry of Pastor Creflo Dollar. It was those teachings that gave Nick the depth and understanding of God’s Word.

On his way home one night in 1998, Nick heard the voice of GOD in his heart say it was time to begin his ministerial journey. The Lord needed Nick to be fully prepared for his great assignment, so He instructed Nick to study Gods word and learn how to pray.

With Nick in full pursuit of Gods plan, he felt he must move to Atlanta and submit under the teachings of Pastor Dollar. So he and his family prepared to relocate. While during an initial two week visit to World Changers, he learned of an affiliate church in Tampa called Revealing Truth Ministries (RTM). Nick was moved by the Holy Spirit and returned to Tampa.

Shortly after his return, Nick visited Revealing Truth Ministries. As he walked out of the Faith Food Store, his eyes met with those of a man getting in his car across the parking lot. It was Pastor Greg Powe. After they greeted each other in the parking lot, GOD revealed through their conversation that this was the man and the brook Nick was to submit his life.

Nick’s first assignment was working in the parking lot at RTM while Frannie served in the choir. Over the next decade, Nick and Frannie remained open to where God would have them serve. After operating in several different ministries and completing all aspects of God’s instruction, they were prepared for their great assignment. Currently they both are faithful servants on Pastor Powe’s Pastoral Support Team. Their love, respect and appreciation for their spiritual parents, Pastor Powe and Pastor Deborah, cannot be put into words!

In 2003, after successfully completing Ministerial Educational Training, Pastor Powe presented Nick with his license to Minister. Today, God has lead Nick and Frannie to begin their great assignment with the birth of Life Transforming Ministries Christian Center in Orlando, Florida!